We are “the beautiful madmen of the great…” curious journeys. We sentimentally explore Romania from our hearts. We free our curiosity of discovering and rediscovering places, people, witty stories and unforgettable perfume. We virtually and physically roam in spaces filled with told and untold emotions, mysteries that ask to be unraveled and certitudes that feed our Romanian origins. We rummage through the meanings of lives that are not found in books, certain that in their light and shadows hides the significance of today’s Romanian people. We listen, we read, we give you stories in red, yellow and blue, because a man must have that profound identity, found beyond the horizons where he lays, with or without will. Join us, you, who are now starting to learn the meaning of Romanian words. Come to learn to live, to feel and to enjoy like we do.
Be distinctly curious!

We will never be grateful enough for the land that gave us everything..” Constantin Brancusi