a da bir cu fugitii

The term is very old ages, contemporary with the ruler was charging levyes with taxes or tribute. It seems that the term comes from the Phanariot era, the peasants of southern areas of Moldova who did not want to pay taxes, or those who violate refuge in the Pond Bratesul to escape so from penalty of the law. The Pond Bratesul was an area under Turkish domination, the fairway Isaccea, where these fugitives were defended.
And we have confirmation from Theodor Codrescu in vol. VII Uricariul “Turks mastering Pond Bratesul with the small ponds, did receive all cursed that have commited various crimes in other parts of Moldova. There those cursed where defended from the penalty of the law. ”
Over time, the generalization, meaning expression became circumvent the various activities or flee, cowardly, from one place.

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