My Bucharest

AFIS Brussels gave us a bright and sunny welcoming, as if it offered us the Sun as a gift on the 8th of March.

Woman’s Day, the day of the vernissage, was celebrated at the EuropaNova headquarters, our partners, a library dedicated to the culture of Southern and Eastern Europe, set in the centre of Bucharest, next to The Parliament Palace (“Palatul Parlamentului”) and Place du Luxembourg, through the vernissage of “My Bucharest” exposition and the concert of soprano Maria Petcu and guitarist Gerard Epure.

There, among curious people, Bucharest seemed as beautiful as ever. I had brought a little piece of our city in a small corner of a big city. A piece unknown to regular tourists, corners and streets filled with personal history of people and general history of places.

Unique streets, such as Xenofon street, made entirely of stairs, windows surrounded by ivy, silent witnesses of the past, present and future happenings, and charming, fairytale-like places contrasting with the urban, modern view, seen on the better known streets of Bucharest.

Delta Vacaresti, so visible, yet so hidden in the centre of the city, an ecosystem that grew and enriched despite the vicissitudes. Each photograph attracts you in the maelstrom of Bucharest, a city full of contrasts.

The photographs will be displayed until April, diminishing the yearning of those long gone from Romania, and testing the curiosity of the foreigners who didn’t get to see Bucharest yet, or who knew it in a different way.

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