Curious in Bucharest

Bucharest is a beautiful, attractive city if you know where to find its little treasures. You will realise that you are taking a walk in a cosmopolitan capital with numerous museums, beautiful buildings with remarkable architecture, with chic shops and green parks filled with flowers. It is a city full of contrasts. Whether it looks exotic, eccentric, busy or filled with history, one thing is certain…it won’t leave you indifferent. Last year it had over a million two hundred thousand tourists visiting, and the news that it has plenty of fabulous places, that it is a welcoming city with friendly people even got to Southern Korea.
Jeong is a “globetrotter” and he was truly captivated by Romania 3 years ago when he first stepped foot here. He decided to come back, as he was certain that our country has much more to offer that what he had already seen. This time he chose a cultural experience in Bucharest along team Promenada. We asked him about his one day walk with us through the little, yet fascinating European capital. This is what we found out… 

Jeong, why did you come back to Romania and why did you choose Bucharest?
Well, I’ve been in Romania before, but I didn’t get a chance to take a tour of the city. I’m currently studying the Romanian language and it was natural to want to see the country’s capital, especially since I was very interested in the history of these places. I read a lot about your country lately and I found it extremely attractive.


Tell us about your overall opinion and about what fascinated you?
I saw incredibly beautiful buildings. We started our journey in the University Square (“Piata Universitatii”) where we saw The Sutu Palace (“Palatul Sutu”), The Coltea Hospital (“Spitalul Coltea”), St. Gheorghe Square (“Piata Sf. Gheorghe”) – truly the centre of Romania – The Union Square (“Piata Unirii”), Patriarchy Palace (“Palatul Patriarhiei”). We then climbed down into a historical area that was once called The Hungry Slum (“Mahalaua Flamanda”). It’s fascinating how time stops after you go down those stairs that mostly nobody noticed. The weather wasn’t on our side but it didn’t stop me from seeing the sights that I had long planned to see before coming to Bucharest. Then, even though it rained heavily, we continued our promenade with an umbrella to go to the old town of Bucharest, where we saw amazingly charming buildings, and we admired the most beautiful church, Stavropoulos, built in 1724, a rich mixture of byzantine and baroque motives. Next, we visited The Romanian Athenaeum (“Ateneul Roman”), The Museum of the Romanian Peasant (“Muzeul Taranului Roman”) and The Contemporary Art Museum (“Muzeul de Arta contemporana”) or the Royal Palace (“Palatul Regal”). We ended the great day with a dinner in an authentic atmosphere with traditional food at the “Caru cu Bere” restaurant.


What did you earn from the cultural experience you had with us?
I very much appreciate the information that my new friends at Promenada Culturala gave me about the historical places we visited. This trip left me with the desire to come back, with beautiful memories and I am sure I still have a lot more to see here.


Noticeably impressed by the cultural Bucharest, Jeong decided to learn the Romanian language and perhaps even settle here in the future. One thing is certain, our capital has the power to pleasantly surprise any tourist that walks it.

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