Curiosities about the Romanian language

The Romanian language is the only European language in which one cam form a complete sentence using only words that begin with a vowel: “Oaia aia e a ei” (“That sheep is hers”).

The longest word made of vowels only: uiuiu.

Officially, the longest word in the Romanian language is 44 letters long and is the third longest word in Europe. The word is: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcaniconioza. On the first place is a German word made of 79 letters, and on the second place is a Turkish word made of 70 letters (both words are compound words, unlike the Romanian word which is technical). Unofficially there are two other longer words (one is a 64 letters long word in the Icelandic language and the other is Finish and measures 61 letters), but there are not included in the dictionaries, as they are rather linguistic jokes.

● The longest word that only contains a consonant: acioaiei.
● The longest word that starts and ends with a vowel, but apart from that is only made of consonants: inspre.
● The longest word representing the name of a locality in Romania: Streisangeorgiu.
● The shortest word representing the name of a locality in Romania: Ip.

And, finally, a few amusing palindromes (groups of words or words that can be read from left to right or from right to left without losing its meaning):

● Ele ne seduc cu desenele (They are seducing us with the drawings);
● Era sa pozez o pasare (I almost photographed a bird);
● Elisa va lasa Toyota sa la Vasile (Elisa will leave her Toyota at Vasile);
● Era o tipa rapitoare (She was a ravishing girl).

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