The Team
We are “the beautiful madmen of the great…” curious journeys. We sentimentally explore Romania from our hearts. We free our curiosity of discovering and rediscovering places, people, witty stories and unforgettable perfume. We virtually and physically roam in spaces filled with told and untold emotions, mysteries that ask to be unraveled and certitudes that feed our Romanian origins. We rummage through the meanings of lives that are not found in books, certain that in their light and shadows hides the significance of today’s Romanian people. We listen, we read, we give you stories in red, yellow and blue, because a man must have that profound identity, found beyond the horizons where he lays, with or without will. Join us, you, who are now starting to learn the meaning of Romanian words. Come to learn to live, to feel and to enjoy like we do.
Be distinctly curious!

Mihaela Carata
tel: +40.730.233.581

Trust, until the end…
– elegance, the only beauty that doesn’t fade…
– I gave up perfection, the perfect person, the perfect job, everything…perfect.
– I see “beauty” even in a crow…
– I get my dose of youthfulness, I watch cartoons, I almost die laughing, I max out the volume when I listen to music, I read stories and if I’m in the mood, I even eat a cake at midnight…
– I smile everyday… and so, when it rains outside, a smile is like a like a windshield wiper, it doesn’t stop the rain, but it allows you to go your own way.
“Mihaela Carata”

Mirela Nita Sandu
tel: +32.479.845.455

My life, as it is, is wonderful. I am full of love. I love Alessia, I love my family, I love my friends, I love my students, flowers, animals, music, good literature and I adore God.
There probably is a “Somewhere, Sometime” for each and every one of us. To me this is “Romania, 1973”. It’s not by chance that I want you to see this piece of Heaven, it is because you will be deeply moved by this wonderful country, my Romania!
“Mirela Niță Sandu”

Andreea Rau-Neacsu
tel: +40.729.106.222

I am a traveller on an unknown path, on the way to meeting myself. Am I half way? Or close to the end? The journey opened doors and windows I couldn’t even imagine. Some were frightening, other were full of wonders. And all, truly all, hiding and disclosing mysteries. I’ve embraced them and I took them with me on my unknown path. Step by step I felt them lighter and lighter. They were no longer an added burden I was carrying, they were part of me. I’m still walking, dreaming of and waiting for mysteries. I’m still walking, acknowledging myself.”
“Andreea-Cristina Rău-Neacşu”

Ionut Ardeleanu
tel: +40.724.710.877

I visited many countries, I’ve seen many cities, but no place is like home. I want to make you feel the joy I experience when I walk in the old town, the twinkle in my eyes when I see a “bit” of history, whether that is a castle from the times of King Ferdinand, a mansion built for communist leaders or a square where a story that changed the life of this city happened.
My biggest is pleasure is making all these amazing stories about Bucharest known to everyone else.
“Ionut Ardeleanu”

Luminita Iordanescu
tel: +40.722.527.037

I like to learn, to rummage. I’m curious. Like any woman.
I like the pictures. I love the stories behind them. I love to read, to listen to, to invent them.
Happy or sad love stories of Romania, bright or shaded.
I like brave men.
I like people who embody ideas.
I like Promenada Culturala for all the above.
“Luminita Iordanescu”

Alexandru C. Vernescu
tel: +40.784.638.417

I redesign my life every day!
Refreshing is the feeling of constantly doing something new and fulfilling each task is a personal delight.
I like cutting-edge shapes but I also like classic ones and these two styles personalize my life with every passing moment. Emotions and thoughts bring me fulfilment and the joy of people surrounding me makes me be more open.
“Alexandru C. Vernescu”