The National Theater Festival in Caracal – 2015 edition

Curious as we are, we weren’t able to resist the temptation to go to Caracal, at this year’s edition of the Theatre Festival.

There is a splendid building in the little town, that carries the name of the actor Stefan Iordache, whose history is extremely interesting.

“At the beginning of the 20th century, the aediles of the city and the locals of Caracal have considered it necessary to have an auditorium with plenty of room and technical facilities specific to theater show. On these lines, the mayor of Caracal adressed in 1891 an application to the President of the County Council demanding the building of a systematic theater house that would also serve as a space for the juries court. In 1901, in Dealul Protosenilor, the new Theater was inaugurated. With a baroque style, according to the plans of the Austrian architect Franz Billek, the building impresses through the richness of the decoration: columns, capitals, balconies, domes, friezes. The original paint job did not maintain, today’s interiors having been fully repainted.
The National Theater in Caracal, historical and architectural monument, was closed in 1987, after a fire that ruined the interiors, the roof, the electric and sound facilities. The building’s renovation work took almost ten years and after 22 years of waiting, in 2009 the National Theater in Caracal reopened its gates.” (source:

Therefore, a beautiful evening in May, a theatrical event that already has a tradition, two heartily organizers: Marius Tuca and the theater critic Marina Constantinescu, many people, dresses up to the nines and us, curious to see, to find, to share with you our experiences, willing to convince you to take a trip to Caracal. You won’t regret it. This year’s edition is dedicated to Amza Pellea, after, in previous years, the following have been payed homage to: Stefan Iordache, Liviu Ciulei, Victor Rebengiuc, Radu Beligan.
The inaugural show was “N(aum)”, a Unteatru project, in partnership with the Metropolis Theater, with the support of the Gellu Naum Foundaion, in the incomparable interepretation of Oana Pellea and her partner, Cristina Casian.

Here is what you can see in the following days:
Thursday, 14 May, 19:00 – “The lesson” by Eugen Ionescu, National Theater Bucharest
Friday, 15 May, 11:00 – “Snow White”, Tandarica Theater Bucharest
Friday, 15 May, 19:00 – “Make room for me” by Anthony Michineau, Inspire Association, with Medeea Marinescu and Marius Manole
Saturday, 16 May, 11:00 – “The little purse with two half-pennies”, Tandarica Theater Bucharest
Saturday, 16 May, 19:00 – “The girl in the rainbow” by Lia Bugnar, National Theater Bucharest, with Tania Popa
Sunday, 17 May, 19:00 – “Sanziana and Perpelea” by Vasile Alecsandri, National Theater Cluj Napoca, Alexandru Dabija direction
We believe it is impossible to resist this theatrical offer. We’ll see each other in Caracal, right?

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