Mihaela Carata tell a story about the foreigners that learn romanian language

I got to know Mihaela Carata through the irony of fate. I was a kind of “the right man at the right time” and that is how we got to sit and chat at almost 600 km away from home, enjoy a hot coffee and eat a cake with polenta and bacon…

Mihaela is a beautiful, brave and ambitious woman who, alongside her soul-mate launched a project that is unique in the country: Promenada Culturală – a project destined to promote the bohemian and mysterious spirit of Romania.

More precisely, depending on the desires and interests of those who wish to discover Romania, Mihaela Carata structures a track, directs a story and presents them museums, theatres, historical buildings and monuments, shows them the Romanian spirit and culture, the kitchen, hospitality, joy and all the characteristics that we are proud of as a people.

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