Misterul stancii din Romania

The mystery of the crag in Romania that moves by itself at night
Piatra dracului

A tall crag called “The Devil’s Rock” is strangely fixed on a mountain wold, a few kilometres from the Durau resort, in Neamt County. The locals say that this rock changes its place every night because the devil lifts it onto his back and wants to run with it. The legend also says that this is because of a bet between God and the devil.
At the junction between Bistricioara and Bistrita, in Poiana Teiului village (Neamt county), in a place called “Gura Largului” by the locals, sits a solitary rock, straight as a tower, that looks as if it wanted to reach the sky.

The legend says that the strange emergence is the result of a bet between the devil and God. The devil bragged about stealing a sacred crag on top of Ceahlau Mountain. But when he was heading towards the entry of Bistrita, the roosters started to sing.
The devil shivered with fear, loosened his claws and the crag fell into the waters. The locals say that this rock moves at night either to the left or to the right because the devil didn’t give up on trying to take it and hide it deep down in the waters, so he can take over the world. But he can only move it a few centimetres.
One of the logical explanations would be the fact that the crag does change its position, even though it is an optical illusion caused by the growth or decrease of the water debit, which gives the impression that the rock is always in a different place. However, nobody tried to solve this mystery through scientific methods.

Source: Worldwideromania.com

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