Bucharest Promenade

We all know that Paris is considered the most romantic city in the world. WhellBucharest, sometimes called “Little Paris”, has every chance to surprise the curious visitor, being a bohemian city with a rich history.
Bucharest knew how to hide its most valuable treasures along time, treasures that managed to survive the 50 years of communism.
The charm of the inter-war era came back to life and now surrounds you in the labyrinth of streets surrounded by buildings with charming architecture.
The capital of Romania is an enormous city, the sixth largest of the metropolis of the European Union, after London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Madrid and before Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. Paradoxical, Bucharest is at the same time a black & white city that keeps the European charm, integrates in the modern times but radically detaches from conformity. Here people still smoke in restaurants and, despite all the built malls and other “benefits” of the civilization, it keeps its rebel, mysterious character and manages to pull you out of the daily routine. Bucharest is a city caught in a deceptive, unsettling modernization, ignoring its past of all things.
Walking through Bucharest, you slowly start caressing it when looking through the camera’s objective with the kind of regret and yearn you experience before parting from someone you love whose sight you would like to keep in your mind forever.
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